A LIFE – UPDATE; Sharing personal challenges 

I am struggling, struggling with keeping the blog live. Struggling with not being consistent.I am struggling with my current stage in life. I want more, hungry to achieve more, but still no change. I am in charge of my thougts and i want a CHANGE . I know I have a strong passion for blogging, but procrastinating and giving excuses every time to my self is limiting me. The truth about life is that, it is good you know your challenges and weakness, it is a starting point to make a change and work on it. 

What I know about change, it is constant. I am working on my weaknesses and turning them into opportunities, for it to become my strength. So please stay with me, and believe me I have so many great articles for you to read. I am back to being consistent here. Cheers to that.🍻

There are two categories in this life update blog post, as I used this as a  means to evaluate my self. First category would be me using SWOT analysis

FIRST CATEGORY : I will be using the SWOT analysis here.

Strengths: I have a ‘can-do’ spirit, there is nothing that is not possible. Time management, Planner, Organizer.

Weakness: one of my weakness is lacking the ability to be consistent. Procrastination is also one of it. Planning without putting much effort, because sometimes I get lazy and be like I can not come and kill my self. (Please if you are doing this stop it fast)

Opportunity: I have had the opportunity to work with brands this year. I have also had the opportunity to be featured in lookvine blog, check the link👉 (https://lookvine.com/styles/2018/08/10-different-hairstyles-try-2018/)

Threats: The act of being lazy and procrastinating has been a terrible experience to me. Like my Dad will say, “you don’t need this (being lazy) in life”.

SECOND CATEGORY: It is all about My goals,what I am determined to do,My anticipations, My inspirations, lessons learnt so far, favorite restaurant.

Goals: The year is left with four months, with is this four months left. I plan to achieve the following below:

-Have my Drivers License

– Have a certificate in Catering.

– To be consistent with blogging.

Determined to: I am determined to not be stagnant in life. As I achieve greater heights in my life, I plan to move up the ladder. I am also determined to be an influence to both young and old. 

Anticipations: I am really anticipating life after NYSC.  I am also anticipating collaborating with bloggers.
Inspiration: Lately I get my daily inspiration from this book titled NO EXCUSES by Brian Tracy.  It is an amazing book.

Lessons Learnt: Three main lessons :

1. Time heals. Whatever it is you are going through, with time, you will heal completely.

2. Patience has a limit.

3. Being at the Top is not a permanent position, there are two ways to it, it is either you go forward or backwards. 

Loving: I am so in love with my self for pushing my self to be back here. I am also in love with my skin, taking skin care serious. Using products from houseofcoco and naturalglow. I am also in love with how I keep up with friends and family. Trust me, if they are worth it, there won’t be any excuse not to talk to them. A simple message or a call goes a long way.

Favorite Restaurant: I would visit YingYang any day. It is a Chinese restaurant. It is very affordable, and I can’t get over their food. The customer service is also on point. There will be a review coming soon.

Thank you so much for reading, I felt after a long break and inconsistency it is only right to do this. Yes, I am back to blogging now. The blog calendar is still Mondays (Personal Development),Wednesdays and Staurdays (Skin Care and beauty) for any new blog post.

If you have blog ideas that you would want me to write about, please share your ideas in the comment section.

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…with love Joke Ishmael 

BEAUTY · PRODUCT REVIEW · Wednesday Beauty Care · ~BEAUTY~


Welcome to my first product review.  I apologize for not posting on “what you need to know about a skin care routine”. I will work on it and give you as issue 3 of #skinserieswithjoke.

If you have been consistent on IG, you would have heard of the house of coco skin care products. The hype has been on IG. I want to let you know if it is worth the hype. To know, keep reading.

House of coco is a name of a skincare and fragrance line that focuses on all skin types. Their goal is to make you feel comfortable in your skin.

When I sent a DM to house of coco on IG, I was given a free skin consultation. This is an offer not seen everywhere. After that, I ordered the products they suggested, after paying I got my products within 24 hours.

I got 4 skin care products in my package:

– A dermal repair face day cream.

– A derml repair face night cream.

– A 4-in- 1 Cleansing facial toner.

– A rejuvenating body wash.


I will be sharing what the products contain and the good it did to my skin and things I suggest the skin care line could work on  about the products.


 It is 25ml.

PRICE: 5000 for both day and night cream.

 Using this product, a little goes a long way, you do not have to pack too much cream on the face to get to all angles.


It contains:   Kojic acid, Soluble Collagen, Natural AHA, Vitamin B3, Rose water, and SPF.


It contains:  Kojic acid, Soluble Collagen, Natural AHA, Vitamin B3, Rose water, and Lemon extracts.

The difference between the Dermal repair face day and night cream is that the day cream contains SPF, while the night cream contains Lemon extracts.

The amazing things the product does:

– It fades dark spots.

-It reduces sunburn.

-It is very light on the face.

– It makes the face smoother and clearer.

– it helps to reduce hyper pigmentation.

– it dries up quickly fast to me, I would have love if it could hydrate my face more.

The Dermal repair face cream is really a repair cream has it is a game changer for my face.


It is the best toner I have used. It is 100ml.

PRICE: 3000 Naira.

It contains : Rose water and glycerine.

I love the fact that this product does not contain alcohol. Any toner that has alcohol does no good, as it makes the toner give the face an extra drying effect, which is not needed for the face. The face needs to be hydrated. 


-It hydrates my face.

– It is very light on my face.

– It gives my face an extra cleansing effect.

I Have nothing to suggest for them to improve on with this toner.

It is 500 ml in a bottle. I like the fact that it has a pump. This makes it easy to use. 

I noticed a smooth skin and an added glow to my skin. 

It contains: African black soap,Glycerine, lemon extracts,  Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E, Coconut oil and Rose water.

Using this product, I was hoping it would give me a clear skin by helping fade some spots on my skin. I also noticed I got darker within the period of using this products. I guess I need to get a sunscreen cream.


 I will basically share my morning and night skin care routine using this product. I won’t be going so deep into the mask, and scrub I use.


Step1: I wash my face using Dudu Osun using my exfoliating gloves to scrub the dirt off my face. I wash my body with the rejuvenating body wash.

Step 2: I use the 4-in-1 cleansing facial toner on my face by spraying it on my face, then I let it set in.

Step 3: Then I use the Dermal repair face day cream to massage every corner of my face.


Step1: I use make up wipes to wipe off my make -up. I wash my face using Dudu Osun using my exfoliating gloves to scrub the dirt’s off my face. I wash my body with the rejuvenating body wash.

Step 2: I use the 4-in-1 facial toner on my face by spraying it on a cotton pad, and I use it to clean my face, to remove extra dirt

Step 3: Then I use the Dermal repair face night cream to massage every corner of my face.

I hope this review helps you on your  search to the next skin care product to use.  In my own opinion, the House of Coco products I used are worth the hype.





Contacts of House of  coco:

IG: @houseofcoco_ng

Website: http://www.houseofcoco.com.ng

House of coco skin care just celebrated one year anniversary. Hurray 🎉🎉. Go quickly to the website above to order your skin care products and get 15% discount off any product. Use the code ‘ANNIV 15’. This is the way house of coco skin care line shows appreciation to it’s customers, after the love for a year. This code expires today, so grab your copy fast.

Definitely, houseofcoco products are worth the hype 😊.

Thanks to House of Coco for making me slay with my face, I only use powder now, I use foundation when I have an event to attend.

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With love Joke Ishmael.

#Icare · Red Cross Orphanage home · ~BLOGGING~ · ~LIFESTYLE~


Hi, 😊 I am Temitope, Ajoke Ishmael. Welcome to my blog again JIB readers, to my new readers, a humble welcome to you. Please as you read, do not forget to subscribe to my blog, so you can join the JIB squad. Thanks.

Welcome to the second episode of my visit to orphanage homes. I am very passionate about giving back to people who do not have as much as I do. It brings a  kind of joy, and feeling of fulfilment for me. So I was very glad that #icare was in for a second visit to a different orphanage home.

The second outing was a visit to an orphanage home, RED CROSS ORPHANAGE HOME. This orphanage home is located at 2, Makoko road, Adekunle avenue, Yaba Lagos.

The Red Cross orphanage was established in October 1964, by Nigeria red cross society.

The Orphanage home takes care of children who are abandoned, motherless or orphaned. They work alongside the police and the Ministry of Social Welfare to get children. Once a child is received into this home, a medical checkup is done to know the medical status of the child. After this is done, the child is enrolled into the home and given proper care.

The orphanage home caters for:

1.Abused children.

2.Motherless children.

3.Missing children who are found by the police or other people.

4. Abandoned babies or children (babies dumped at refuse or  in gutter).

The Orphanage is blessed with a nursery and primary school, where the children of different ages get good education. They also have a nearby hospital, where children who are ill go to get proper care.

Myself and youths of the #icare group got to the Orphanage home, and were all received well by staffs  of the Orphanage home. We gave them the provisions we bought for the children and they were glad to receive it. 

After this, we were escorted to a building, where the children sleep, eat and watch television. As we went in, most of the children came to us and gave us warm hugs. Seeing how active, joyful and brave they were , this brought me so much joy. We interacted with them by having one on one conversation, playing games and just having fun with them. This was a well spent 2 hours with the children.

I learnt how important family is in the life of a child. The care of a mother and a father can never be replaced. Some people do not have the opportunity to get such care and love, all we can do for such people is to bless them in anyway. These little things go a long mile.

Thanks for reading. See you here again, next time on our #icare movement.

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With Love Joke Ishmael.

HUMANS · MONDAY · Monday Motivation · ~BLOGGING~


Hi, 😊 I am Temitope, Ajoke Ishmael. Welcome to my blog again JIB readers, to my new readers, a humble welcome to you. Please as you read, do not forget to subscribe to my blog, so you can join the JIB squad. Thanks.

Happy New month people. It is July !!! The second half of the year has begun. We all have 6 more months to achieve our goals for the year.  This blog post will help everyone get motivated for the rest of the year.

Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal – Cornelius  Fitc

Planning is very essential in getting a good result. Having 6 months, is like giving another chance to achieve all the goals you did not achieve for some reason in the last 6months  It is really a lot, within 6 months, we can achieve a lot. 

In Coach Bronner’s words: performance reflects preparation.

Pray against Procrastination, and avoid it any way. In life, we need to be persistent.

Planning is bringing the future into the present – Alan Lakein.


1. Make a list of goals to be achieved – This should encompass the things  that needs to make your life better. Things that will make you achieve the life you want. 

2. Know the purpose for the goals – There should be a good reason why a particular goal is in  your list. It is very important to have a good reason.

3. Create Time to achieve the goals – Time is important, it is only wise to use time well as it can not be regained. It will be great to have time set out for you to achieve the goals. Like set some goals for each month.

4. Be around positive people and environment – This is very important. You need to surround your self with people that will motivate you. People that will push you to do your best and be productive both at work and outside work. Colleagues, friends, and family they all have a role to play here.

5. Believe in Yourself – Self confidence, is really important. Believe in your self to achieve this goals, and trust me it will be possible. Once there is self discipline, you do whatever you want to do at the right time, whether it is convenient for you or not, this here helps to boost self confidence. Thus is where persistence comes in to play a role.

6. After achieving the goals, reward yourself – Self appreciation is important, this is simply a way to self encourage your self. Self persistence has its own reward to pay in the future.

I actually do this well, it could either be an accessory, bags, or a pair of shoes. Sometimes when I don’t have much money, I go simple, and just get my self, ice cream, or treat my self with food 😉.

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans – Peter F. Drucker.

I hope this helps us all, to be very productive for the remaining rest of the 6 months of the year. God willing, we will excel in all we do.

Please don’t forget to share your comments, it is very well appreciated😊.

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…..with love Joke Ishmael.

Please don’t forget to check my last blog post.

BEAUTY · Owambe slay · ~BEAUTY~ · ~BLOGGING~


Hi, 😊 I am Temitope, Ajoke Ishmael. Welcome to my blog again JIB readers, to my new readers, a humble welcome to you. Please as you read, do not forget to subscribe to my blog, so you can join the JIB squad. Thanks.

Happy Saturday JIB  Squad. We all know Saturdays are for owambe, with this constant rain fall today, I feel sad for those having parties today. Well I am home, on my bed, enjoying this weather.  Keep calm, and wait to find out what make up products I used.

I can remember when I had to give the Tailor the material of this style, it was two days close to the event. I just wanted something simple and comfortable, as I did not have enough material to play along with.

Details of what I wore:

Earrings:  a gift.

Necklace: a gift.

Shoes: I can’t remember.

Aso- oke: Bodyfeild shop in Oshodi. The Aso-Oke was beaded there.

Wine material: A shop in Oshodi.

Details on make up

Primer: Boots rose water

Eye Pencil: Davis Eye brow Pencil.

Concealer: LA girl concealer.

Eyehadow Pallete: Ushas smoky eye shadow collection, and Mel’s Eye shadow.

Eyeliner: Maggie rose 15H marker.

Foundation: LA girl pro coverage in warm caramel and Rich coco.

Concealer: LA girl concealer

Contour kit: USHAS contour kit.

Setting powder: Sacha Buttercup powder.

Powder: Classic Powder (shade 3).

Setting Spray: Boot Rose water.

Lipstick: Classic Nude.

Lip liner: Mac Chestnut Pencil.

Mascara: Classic Eye liner.

Eyelashes: Got it as a gift.

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….with love Joke Ishmael.



Hi, 😊 I am Temitope, Ajoke Ishmael. Welcome to my blog again JIB readers, to my new readers, a humble welcome to you. Please as you read, do not forget to subscribe to my blog, so you can join the JIB squad. Thanks.

SKIN SERIES WITH JOKE (SSWJ), is all about me taking you on a journey with me to clear, glowing skin. Please Remember I am not a skin expert, I will most times talk about products that helps my skin type ( there will be a blog post on skin types soon).

Welcome to the first episode of SKIN SERIES WITH JOKE (#SSWJ1).

A quick question… 

– How often do you change your Towel?

– Do you use the same Towel for your body and face?

Hygiene is very essential in having a great skin. It is the Most important factor in a skin care routine. If you do not include hygiene in your skin care routine, you will notice that no matter the products you use on your skin, you keep getting frustrated with the outcome, because there is no change.

Let me address the questions I asked. 


First, you should know that you should not use the same towel for your body and face. It is very wrong. The bacteria, actually (let me use micro- organisms) that gets hung on the towel, is transfered to the face. The skin of the face is very delicate and it needs properly taken care of.


Face: When looking for a towel for the face, you need to get a color close to white, if not white or a light color (yellow, baby pink, light blue). This is important so you can monitor the dirt on your face. This helps to know if your skin is properly clean. It also helps to give you an alert that it needs to be washed.

Also when getting a towel for the face, look for a soft towel. You don’t need to be hard on your beautiful face with those hard towels. You need to treat your skin with care. 

Body:The same goes for the Towel for the body too. It is important to use a towel that is close to white or white or a light color.


After the daily use of the towel, the towel gets wet, so it is needed to dry. The towel should be kept in an air ventilated environment to avoid it being damp and smelling.


This should be done once a week. I personally wash towels (facial and body) every week. There are sometimes I notice a great amount of dirt on my towels and I decide not to wait till the end of the week to change it. I do this because prevention is better than cure. I like to prevent having to deal with breakouts.


I honestly always plan to soak my towel with hot water and soap, but I don’t do it everytime. The normal routine for washing my towel is put the towel in water, soap and a disinfectant (Dettol).

Yes, so that is all for this episode of #SSWJ.

I hope this helps. Please practice this and surely there will be a change in your journey to having great skin.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Take good care of your skin. 

Cheers to having a great skin.

See you here next time on the next series of SSWJ.

JIB readers did you find this post helpful? Would you like to see more of this posts? 

Share with me, the goal is to get y’all involved in the blog.

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Hi, 😊 I am Temitope, Ajoke Ishmael. Welcome to my blog again JIB readers, to my new readers, a humble welcome to you. Please as you read, do not forget to subscribe to my blog, so you can join the JIB squad. Thanks.

Welcome to a different section with Joke Ishmael blog, series on places I visit in Nigeria. This will be a section of the blog where I let you see beautiful places through my eyes and the lens of my camera.

Earlier last week I joined a movement called #icare (soon to be changed name). The #icare is a platform created to bring youth who have a passion for giving back to the society. It is not an NGO, NPO or charity. It is a platform created for youth to voluntarily give back to the society in their own little way. It is a sense of duty we should all imbibe if we are to be the future of Nigeria.

I have always wanted to be involved in giving back to the community. It is a thing I take seriously. I have passion to help people who do not have as much as I do. I was very excited to be involved in this. 

As a group of youths, we decided to spend children’s day with the beautiful children of Living Fountain Orphanage, by spending our time with them and give them gifts, foods, drinks and fruits.

Quote: The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance- Brian Tracy


Living Fountain Orphanage is a home for abandoned,  and vulnerable children. It is an orphanage with a christian setting. They provide spiritual, emotional, physical, academic  and health support.

Living fountain orphanage was found in  November 2007, Lagos Nigeria. It was founded by a mass communication graduate of unilag, Mrs Bethyl Obieri.

Location: Plot 22, Yusuf abiodun way. Oniru, VI  lagos. 

This orphanage had its 10 years anniversary in November 2017.

The mission statement:

-To house and rehabitilate abandoned and orphaned children.

– To nurture children in a christian family setting.

– To unlock the possiblilities inside every child and instill a sense of purpose of destiny.

– To provide physical, emotion and spiritual care to equip our children for a bright future.

LFO gets children who are vulnerable, abandoned and abused.

The age range of the children is within 1-10 years

They have a sick bay. This is for children who get ill, and when the case can not be handled in the sick bay, they are taken to the hospital for proper care.

There is a room specialized for the children. The room for the girls is called Dahila room. The room for the boys is called Peach room. The room for the babies (less than age 1) is the Orchid room.

There is a Pre – school in the orphange for the children. The Pre – school starts by 8am.

They sometimes go to a school outside the orphanage which is close to the orphanage. The money used for this is gotten from the cash donations.

LFo allows the great citizens of Nigeria to celebrate birthdays, anniversary and other celebrations in the orphanage with the children.


My experience in the orphanage was one to remember. The first thing I noticed was how organized they are, and how clean the Orphanage is.

From the gate, there is a representative of the organization that welcomes you and offers to carry the donated items. 

PS: We were not allowed to take pictures.

At the reception, you register your details into the register. After this you get a receipt for the donated items.

This is followed by a tour. A representative of the orphanage takes the visitors around he building. From the sickbay, to the Orchid room, to the Dahil room, to the Peach room. The children are the cutest.

Then we were taken to a room were we watched a short clip on the basic information needed to know about living Fountain Orphanage.

After that we took group pictures, and we all went to our various houses.

For more information about LFO. Visit the website here: http://patricia.livingfountain-orphanage.org/ 

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With Love Joke Ishmael.